Youth development

Youth is the power house of any country.

Youth development

The origins of the positive youth development framework are found in the fields of human ecology, prevention, resilience, and developmental assets.

Youth development

Human Ecology Urie Bronfenbrenner's theory of ecological human development [1] teaches us that a child develops through interactions with her social environments.

Families, peer groups, schools, neighborhoods, after-school groups, faith Youth development, and the many other social settings that a child experiences will promote or hinder her development.

The relationships between each of these entities will play a role. Her growth will also be affected by larger societal systems -- new communication technologies, social movements, or economic peaks and valleys, for example. This is not to say that children are entirely at the mercy of their environments.

According to Bronfenbrenner, the interaction between a child and his social environments is reciprocal. This means that development does not simply happen to children and adolescents.

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On the contrary, young people are actively involved in shaping their own development; what's more, they influence the events that happen around them. They are participants, not just recipients. The human ecology perspective informs the positive youth development philosophy.

Rather than focusing solely on behavior change among youth, the positive youth development approach seeks to change the environments in which young people grow, act, and make decisions. To change these environments, it is necessary to change the attitudes of adults, as well as the policies and practices of organizations and groups in all community sectors.

Drawing on the insights of human ecology, positive youth development improves youth outcomes by changing adults and their organizations, and ultimately changing the community itself.

Prevention Prevention science is a very large body of research that, since the s, has investigated the question "How can we predict and prevent negative behaviors? Some prevention researchers base their work on human ecology theory.

Richard Catalano and David Hawkins at Washington University, for example, consider the whole community as well as the school, family, peer group, and individual. With an overall focus on preventing problems and reducing risk, prevention approaches have different emphases but frequently complement positive youth development approaches.

Resilience Findings from resiliency studies, which began to appear in the s, greatly influenced the development of the positive youth development approach in the s.

Resiliency research helped to shift practice in a positive, strength-based direction, asking "Why do many young people do well despite the risk factors they face? How do young people beat the odds against them? Using a risk- and protective-factors framework, resiliency analysis identifies the characteristics that buffer the impact of risk factors, thus increasing the likelihood of positive behaviors.

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These characteristics may be intrinsic to the child, or part of the child's environment. For example, the presence of caring adults in a young person's life is a key environmental factor that promotes positive outcomes.

Importantly, protective factors have a more profound impact on the life course than do specific risk factors. Developmental Assets More recently, research has begun to focus on positive outcomes, addressing the question "What makes young people succeed?Youth Programs of the Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County (WDC) serve young people across the city of Seattle and King County with academic support, career exploration opportunities, and work experience to help them achieve in school and in the workplace.

The Community Youth Development degree program is an interdisciplinary major that focuses on the studies, beliefs, principles, and practices of youth development. Los Angeles County Departrment of Children and Family Services - Steps to Independent Living Website. CityWide Youth Development, Baltimore, Maryland.

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A Little About IDAAY.

A Little About IDAAY. We are a leader in Urban Youth Development Serving Youth and Families First! Since , we have empowered over 27, youth to advance their education and improve their economic opportunities. Oklahoma 4-H is dedicated to helping Oklahoma youth, families, and communities reach their full potential. By providing hands-on programming and events in a large variety of projects, 4-H is not only helping youth learn the life skills they need to be the leaders of tomorrow, but it is also teaching its members they can lead today and can make tangible, significant changes in their clubs. An online master’s degree in youth development from MU can help you provide youth with positive opportunities to learn and grow. If you want to gain the knowledge and skills to create, facilitate, and evaluate programs promoting healthy youth development, this may be the degree for you.

We are a leader in Urban Youth Development Serving Youth and Families First! Since , we have empowered over 27, youth to advance their education and improve their economic opportunities.

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