The wild duck essay

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The wild duck essay

Essay 3A- The essay did a pretty solid job at showing the symbolism of the duck with examples and by addressing the whole text. The introduction was a little weak and vague, but it sufficed its purpose. The Wild Duck In the Wild Duck, Henrik Ibsen begins his play by emphasizing the value of color and light. He uses the theme of light to contrast Old Werle, a stingy rich man, with Old Ekdal, a poor helpless man. Ibsen connects the color green with the loss of eyesight of Old Werle. A possib. In both A Doll House () and The Wild Duck (), Ibsen introduces his audience to two sets of opposing couples. In each play, one couple’s relationship ends up .

On the other hand, the horses are natural objects as they are compared to natural objects. Whereas, the pike are compared to man made objects which have nothing natural about them.

This is unnatural, as their association with man made objects makes them sound not only unnatural but artificial and a animal as a pike is very natural in a way as it belongs to nature.


In these poems, the poets have portrayed the animals differently. However, the pike are portrayed as cannibals eating their own kind. The idea of this is dramatic an that is why the sentences are short, the author is shocked that they would do this to each other.

It is like a competition with a finalist at the end. It is like a flowing structure in the first and third line because of the repetition. It is portrayed as a journey with no end.

The wild duck essay

This depicts the idea that one pike is eating another and ironically dies in the process. The horses are harmonious and the pike are rough and do not spare each other which is violent. They are almost alpha males because they are in charge.

The horses, are portrayed as dramatic and unstoppable while the pike are silent, trapped and sinister. As the horses career across the landscape, they are unstoppable because they are constantly moving and active and the pike are confined and are not moving.

Firstly, the horses are portrayed like racers, unstoppable and untouchable. The speaker emphasizes therefore they are fast and free.

In contrast, the pike appear trapped.

The wild duck essay

The environment they are in is an inescapable imprisonment. However, the horses have a sense of speed and they career across the land. On the other hand, the pike seem sinister and frozen, threatening the quality of the world.

The horses are therefore breath taking and untouched while the pike are confined and mute. In these poems, there are comparisons, but also there is one similar point about them as both the horses and the pike are presented as beautiful and the narrators see them as majestic.

Firstly, the narrator sees the wild horses as a dream like experience. Similarly, the narrator sees the pike as a dream like experience too. Whereas, in the wild horses, the onomatopoeia and alliteration creates a symphonic oral effect.

Moreover, the horses are elegant because they are elongated. Furthermore, the poet uses imagery to portray a beautiful place. By both animals being portrayed as beautiful, they are in a way harmonious too because of their link to the natural world.

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In the Wild Duck, Henrik Ibsen begins his play by emphasizing the value of color and light. He uses the theme of light to contrast Old Werle, a stingy rich man, with Old Ekdal, a poor helpless man. Ibsen has used a complex theme of truth and lies.

Gina Ekdal, for instance, lives in a lie that she never reveals to her husband, Hjelmar Ekdal that who is the real father of her daughter, Hedvig. whether it’s he himself or Hakon Werle.

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- Illusions and Realities in Ibsen’s Plays The Wild Duck and Ghosts In Ibsen’s The Wild Duck, illusions and reality are set into a conflict within the story of a son’s personal desire to confront idealism.

Throughout much of the play, the son, Greger, argues the value of truth with the reluctant Dr. Relling.

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