Termite lab

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Termite lab

Ink leads way to terminating termites The tiny insects follow an inked trail to their doom Bethany Brookshire Jun 22, — 7: A teen used that as a way to lead them to their end. Inspired by the demonstration, a teen has invented a new method to Termite lab effectively lure termites to their doom.

This year, more than 1, students from 75 countries presented their research.


Cole recently graduated from Alma High School in Arkansas. But he remembers well, two years ago, when his science teacher played with termites in class. He had gotten out a range of ballpoint pens and markers, along with some paper plates. He dropped a termite on each plate.

Then he picked up one of the pens and drew a line on a plate. Termites are insects that live in huge colonies. They eat wood — making them a big problem when they take up residence in homes.

Termite lab

When termites find a woody meal, they will lay down a trail for their colony-mates to follow. The trail is made of pheromones FAIR-uh-moanz — chemicals that change the behavior of fellow termites.

In this case, those pheromones told the other termites: It helps the ink dry quickly. Fooled by the smell, a termite will follow the penned line.

When it came time to design a science fair project, Cole remembered the termite demonstration.

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At first, he just ran termites through mazes, trying to see if different insecticides would keep them away from certain paths.

Then, if one termite followed the inked trail to the poison, it could bring back some of that toxic chemical to share with others in the nest. Once it died, its fellow termites would eat their fallen comrade — getting more of the insecticide in the process.

To design a device, Cole needed a lot of termites. So he purchased 1, from a company that sells science supplies. He stored the bugs in 20 large plastic tubs. Not very many people want termites living in their houses. He attached a termite-sized piece of plastic tubing to a small cup placed into each large plastic tub.

The tubing and cup were placed on one side of the plastic container; the termites were kept on the other. In between, Cole inserted a wall — meant to imitate the wall of a house.

He ran the tubing through a small hole in the wall. In 10 of the tubs, the tubing and the cup with the insecticide were left alone. But in the rest, the teen coated the inside of the plastic tubing with the ink from a ballpoint pen. Hehe had run that ink through a centrifuge.


This machine spins materials very quickly. The more dense chemicals will settle at the bottom, leaving less dense ones at the top. Cole took this section and smeared it on 10 of his set ups, and presented all 20 to colonies of termites. He left the cups and tubes in place for 72 hours, then came back to see how many termites were still alive.

Among termites exposed to the tubing and cup alone, only a bit more than one-fifth of the bugs died.favorite this post Nov 24 Seasonal Driver Helper - UPS pic img map hide this posting restore restore this posting.

favorite this post Nov 24 Seasonal Driver Helper. Using Termites to Learn the Scientific Method This is an inquiry based lesson plan used to teach students how to employ the scientific method. Students will learn all steps of the scientific method and use them to explore the behavior of termites.

A formal lab report will help ensure that students understand the scientific method. SENTRICON ® IS THE NO. 1 BRAND IN TERMITE PROTECTION.

Here’s why: The Sentricon ® System is scientifically designed to eliminate the entire subterranean termite colony — including its queen. Never had termites? Keep it that way with Sentricon.

Termite lab

We are undergoing this lab to discover the effect of pheromones (for example, the mimicking chemical found in BIC pens) on termites. Hypothesis The termites will prefer the BIC line to the permanent marker line, exhibiting trail following behavior due to the chemical found in BIC pens that mimics their pheromones.

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The tiny insects follow an inked trail to their doom. Bethany Brookshire. Jun 22, — am EST Those magazines also host a series of blogs (including Eureka!

Lab). termite An ant-like insect that lives in colonies, building nests underground, in trees or in human structures (like houses and.

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