Sign writing apprenticeship nzd

Sign up Log in Admission requirements For this programme, you will need the following: High levels of oral, written and interpersonal communications and mathematical skills are required to complete this programme 3.

Sign writing apprenticeship nzd

Progression The Signmaking Framework provides work based training for young people and adults to undertake key technical and operational roles in the Signmaking Industries.

The signmaking process involves many diverse skills, from graphic design through to electrical engineering and incorporates materials such as Perspex, vinyl, plastic, metal and glass.

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Various methods are used to produce lettering for signs, depending on the project — for example, computer-controlled routers for cutting out moulded glass fibre lettering. Screen-printing may also be used to produce posters, while traditional sign writing could involve designing by hand and painting with special brushes and enamel paint.

sign writing apprenticeship nzd

Apprentices need to learn a range of skills including how to design signs; prepare different types of surfaces; cut out and build plastics into letters and logos; use digital technologies and install signs. The nature of the work will vary with the employer, but it could involve machining, joining, engraving, etching, hand decorating, spraypainting and screen-printing.

What do Employers get out of Apprenticeships? Employers have identified a skills shortage in this area. Apprenticeships are also popular with employers as Apprenticeships offer them the opportunity to train new or existing members of staff to understand and support the unique requirements of their business.

For further course information click the download button. The selection process will include a basic Initial Assessment and an in depth interview during which your suitability, commitment and interest for the programme will be determined. If you have attained these grades it may give you an exemption from the functional skills components of the framework however if you do not have the required grades, additional support will be provided to bring you up to the required level dependant on your initial assessment results.

The suitability of your employer will also be determined before you are accepted onto the programme. Your employer will need to demonstrate that they have the necessary Health and Safety arrangements in place to satisfy legislative requirements, and that they are able to provide you with the full range of work to successfully complete the Apprenticeship framework.

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sign writing apprenticeship nzd

We may send you promotional information about our goods and services including information about qualifications, trades, finding work, or other content aimed at helping you into an apprenticeship (including from our selected business partners).

Writing pages and pages of notes, caffeinating through late-night study sessions, staying awake in lectures about trigonometry Getting to graduation isn’t easy, so when it comes time to throw the cap, it’s an occasion worth celebrating! Earn while you learn.

Enroll in ApprenticeOhio today. On average, apprentices who complete their program earn $60,/yr upon graduation.

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