Short essay on spring season for kids

It extends over an area of several thousand square miles.

Short essay on spring season for kids

Poets have sung many songs about the beauty of this season. The morning is pleasant.

The noon is soothing. The evening is cool and calm. The night is comfortable. The sky is clear the wind is refreshing. Every object of Nature looks very beautiful. New leaves come out of trees. Spring Season Spring comes after the winter season. It begins from the middle of February and lasts till the middle of April.

As the spring season sets in, the earth looks lovely and charming. The trees put forth new leaves. The nature looks charming and many kinds of beautiful flowers bloom during this season. The lovely roses win our hearts.

When we walk in a garden, we are enchanted by the dazzling colors of flowers. As a matter of fact spring is the season of beautiful flowers.

Bees are very busy during this season. They move from one flower to another in search of honey. We see the beautiful butterflies flying about. They catch the fancy of children. The days of the spring season are very pleasant. Spring is neither hot nor cold.

The temperature remain at moderate levels. It is very delightful. It is good for health. Spring is the season of charming sounds. The bees humming in the garden fill our heats with joy.

Short essay on spring season for kids

The cuckoo is mad with joy. Its sweet notes enchant us. In the early morning we hear the birds twittering in trees. Spring season is a pleasing season of everyone.

Spring season in India falls during the months of March, April and May. It comes after a long three months of winter season during which people feel relief from the winter cold.

In the spring season temperature become moderate and everywhere looks green and colorful because of the blooming trees and flowers. After a long wait, finally time comes when we start wearing lighter clothes and can go outside the door more often.

Small children do kite flying. Holi festival falls in the starting of this season when everyone fully enjoy the coming of spring by playing holi with colors and water. Springs is a beautiful season.

It is really a season of flowers. Many kinds of flower bloom in Spring. Swarms of bees rush at them.Spring falls between Winter and Summer.

It rules over the months of March and April. In India, it is honored as the King of the seasons. Related Articles: Essay on the Season I like the Best – Winter. Related Articles: Essay on the Season I like the Best – Winter.

Navigation. - Publish Your Articles Now Here Essay On The Seasons of India (Summer, Rainy, Winter And Spring) Article shared by the winter and the spring. The summer seasons begins from the month of April and lasts upto the end of June.

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Spring Season. Spring Season is the most pleasant season in India. Poets have sung many songs about the beauty of this season. Short Moral Stories for Children; Family System; Education; Ecosystem; Communication; Agriculture in.

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