Problems and prospect of marketing in nigeria

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Problems and prospect of marketing in nigeria

Step By Step Guide 1. The farmland chosen should be an upland with a well-drained field because Yams prefer to grow in those terrains.

Problems and prospect of marketing in nigeria

It should also have sandy loam and silt loam soil, as maximum yam yields can be gotten from them, even though clay loam soils with organic matter can also be very effective. Prepare The Farmland For Planting: The first step to preparing the farmland for yam planting is to clear the surrounding bushes just in time for planting before the rainy season begins, which is best around February and April.

As soon as the farmland has been cleared, you should go on to loosen the soil and make ridge beds of about a height of one meter and a space of one meter away from each other.

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Prepare The Setts For Planting: After the land preparation, the setts, which are the healthy tubers of healthy plants that will be used for the planting can then be prepared by either cutting them into smaller pieces of between 50g to g or by anticipating to plant them as whole tubers without reducing their sizes, because the larger the sett is, the larger the prospective yield will be.

The sett used that are either sliced or not, are in four categories namely: The planting of your yams should start within the period of March and April, just before the rainy season starts. How often a yam farm will be weeded depends ultimately on the rate at which weed grows, the use of mulch, and the use of pre-sprouted setts.

If the field is mulched and the setts that are used are pre-sprouted setts, then weeding could be done two months apart.

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Harvesting The Yam Crops: The yams can be harvested when their foliage begins to dry up or turn yellow. This period can usually be from November until February. But while harvesting, some of the tubers would be set aside as setts for replanting in the following season, while others which would have been harvested earlier would be instead be sold for commercial purposes.

Marketing the Yam Crops: After harvesting the yam crops, the next step is to go on to market the product. In this previously published article, we explained a plethora of ways to market your farm products.

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In the link below, we also mention a couple of ways to market your yam products to international buyers.Problems Facing Public Enterprises in Nigeria Problems Facing Public Enterprises in Nigeria – The variety of approaches to the theoretical background of management have provided their own versions of what is meant by such key word as management.

There is no generally accepted definition of management as an activity. problems and prospect of marketing petroleum product in nigeria: case study of nigerian national petroleum corporation (nnpc) by adekeye adedamola oluwabusayo matric no: 06/66mc a research project submited to the department of business administration, faculty of business and social sciences, universityof ilorin, partial fufilment.

Problems and Prospects of Marketing in Small-Scale Industries in Nigeria Marketing is the link between the needs of a society and its industrial activities. It is that all function that matches the organization’s offering to the ever-changing need of the market place. Agriculture Financing: Its Problems and Prospect in Nigeria Agriculture Financing: The three basic needs of the early man had been identified as food shelter and dialing. Amongst these foods is considered the most important hence the need to improve agriculture to enhance food production (ozetu C.N. ). Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria – Its Problems and Prospects Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria – The entrepreneur plays a vita role in .

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The Economic Development of Nigeria from to Okechukwu Effoduh Introduction There is a common Igbo1 proverb that says: No elephant is burdened by the weight of its tusks.2 The current economic problem in our nation is often lamented and cursed as .

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