Political issues in the philippines

The three brunches of government, the law-making body or the legislative branch, the law-enforcing body or the executive branch and the law-interpreting body or the judicial branch forms political system of the Philippines. The Constitution currently in effect was proclaimed on 2nd February, and it's popularly known as the " Constitution".

Political issues in the philippines

Results of the survey were released a day before President Xi Jinping made his first state visit to the Philippines in 13 years. This was slightly higher than the score recorded last June from the previous quarter.

Results further showed a higher awareness among Filipinos of these incidents before participating in the survey as compared to the last quarter, that is, from 81 to 89 percent.

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The ones with extensive knowledge also stepped up from 12 percent to 15 percent. The distrust on China is particularly higher among those who are aware of these incidents before the interview.

Political issues in the philippines

Duterte invited his Chinese counterpart to Manila when he went to Beijing last October When he arrives, Xi is expected attend a wreath-laying ceremony at Rizal Park in Manila.

Several schools in the vicinity have also announced class suspensions as many roads will be closed on the day of his arrival. Philippine-Chinese relations China and the Philippines have a strong diplomatic relationship for many years before the start of the maritime conflict.

This was first established on June 9, Since then, the two nations have nearly bilateral agreements covering various sectors, which include infrastructure development, cooperation in combating transnational crimes and trade and investments.Aside from social, economic and political issues, environmental factors also contribute towards making the Philippines poor.

Many rural Filipinos depend on the country’s extensive natural resources, particularly for the fishing and agricultural industries. Top issues and controversies under Duterte.

warning the US leader not to criticize him on human rights issues brought about by the Philippines’ controversial drug war.

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Nov 09,  · World news about the Philippines. Breaking news and archival information about its people, politics and economy from The New York Times. Philippine Political Parties, Electoral System and Political Reform By Joel Rocamora, The most important characteristic of Philippine political parties is that they are.

observers in the Philippines expressing their hopes and great expectations for the strengthening of democratic Political stalwarts of the era, Raul Manglapus, Manuel Manahan, With the help of specialists in particular issues, we seek to enlighten ourselves with the principles behind good.

Last May 23, , I attended the luncheon meeting, A Discussion on the Philippine Economic and Political Climate, hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines.

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