Marketing audit

Law firms, management consultants, IT services and telecom providers, architectural groups, healthcare and educational organizations, financial and insurance institutions, and a multitude of business-to-consumer operations profit from performing and delivering people-based services. But invisibility, or intangibility, is just one factor that distinguishes services marketing from product marketing. Along with inseparability, variability, and perishability, these four characteristics affect the way clients behave during the buying process and the way organizations must interact with them. Additionally, these characteristics influence the development of marketing strategies and the more tactical marketing mix—from the "packaging" and pricing of services bundles, to defining distribution plans and promotions options.

Marketing audit

How is our marketing team organised? How efficient is our marketing team? How effective is our marketing team? How does our marketing team interface with other organisations and internal functions? What is the state of our marketing planning process?

Is our marketing planning information current and accurate? What is the current state of New Product Development? Product How profitable is our product portfolio? Product Are we pricing in the right way? Price How effective and efficient is distribution?

Place Are we getting our marketing communications right? Promotion Do we have the right people facing our customers? People How effective are our customer facing processes? The External Marketing Environment. Their needs and how we satisfy them. Their buyer decision process and consumer behaviour.

Their perception of our brand, and loyalty to it. The nature of segmentation, targeting and positioning in our markets. The relative strengths and weaknesses of competition.

The marketing plans and strategies of our competition. What is the cultural nature of the environment s? The standards and average levels of education.

The evolving lifestyles of our target consumers. The nature of consumerism in our target markets. What is the demography of our consumers? Such as average age, levels of population, gender make up, and so on. How does technology play a part? The level of adoption of mobile and Internet technologies.

The way in which goods are manufactured. Marketing communications uses of technology and media. What is the economic condition of our markets? Levels of average disposable income.

Taxation policy in the target market. Economic indicators such as inflation levels, interest rates, exchange rates and unemployment.Dynatrade Automotive Group - one of the region’s fastest growing and most respected names in Automotive Products & Services.

At Dynatrade Automotive, we maintain a global outlook - reaching out to a rapidly expanding base of customers and business associates across the world.

Aubrey Wilson has played a leading role in the emergence of B2B marketing as an important management tool, pioneering many of the research and marketing techniques in common use today. KR Recruitment are a Specialist Recruitment Agency in Luxembourg & Switzerland, Offering Financial, Legal, Banking & Insurance Jobs, Careers & Recruitment in Luxembourg & Switzerland.

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Designed for website owners and marketers. Oct 11,  · It’s the 80/20 rule of content marketing: 80% of results come from 20% of content. This is true for every website and for every content marketing audit I’ve ever done. A handful of articles pull in the largest percentage of traffic and conversions.

Just look at your own data. A report of your Location: N Ravenswood Ave, Suite , Chicago, , IL. The Audit Process How we will audit your marketing operations. A Marketing Audit does exactly what it says.

If your marketing operations are inline with your business objectives, and fit well within your corporate capabilities, you will benefit from improved marketing and higher profit potential.

Marketing audit
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