Examining different accounting forms within samsung electronics

Origins[ edit ] Problems of vagueness and fuzziness have probably always existed in human experience. Sometimes people have to think, when they are not in the best frame of mind to do it, or, they have to talk about something out there, which just isn't sharply defined. Across time, however, philosophers and scientists began to reflect about those kinds of problems, in much more systematic ways.

Examining different accounting forms within samsung electronics

Production capacity Profit margins relative to competitors The business unit strength index can be calculated by multiplying the estimated value of each factor by the factor's weighting, as done for industry attractiveness. Plotting the Information Each business unit can be portrayed as a circle plotted on the matrix, with the information conveyed as follows: Market size is represented by the size of the circle.

Market share is shown by using the circle as a pie chart. The expected future position of the circle is portrayed by means of an arrow.

Examining different accounting forms within samsung electronics

The following is an example of such a representation: The arrow in the upward left direction indicates that the business unit is projected to gain strength relative to competitors, and that the business unit is in an industry that is projected to become more attractive.

The tip of the arrow indicates the future position of the center point of the circle.

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Strategic Implications Resource allocation recommendations can be made to grow, hold, or harvest a strategic business unit based on its position on the matrix as follows: Grow strong business units in attractive industries, average business units in attractive industries, and strong business units in average industries.

Hold average businesses in average industries, strong businesses in weak industries, and weak business in attractive industies. Harvest weak business units in unattractive industries, average business units in unattractive industries, and weak business units in average industries.

There are strategy variations within these three groups.

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For example, within the harvest group the firm would be inclined to quickly divest itself of a weak business in an unattractive industry, whereas it might perform a phased harvest of an average business unit in the same industry.

While the GE business screen represents an improvement over the more simple BCG growth-share matrix, it still presents a somewhat limited view by not considering interactions among the business units and by neglecting to address the core competencies leading to value creation.

Rather than serving as the primary tool for resource allocation, portfolio matrices are better suited to displaying a quick synopsis of the strategic business units.Course Page for Spring - Heymann, S. Richard Most business transactions, such as financial transactions, commercial real estate transactions, customized contracts for goods or services, merger and acquisition transactions (and countless specialized business transactions in .

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Elie Ofek is a Professor in the Marketing unit at the Harvard Business School. Professor Ofek's research focuses on new product strategies in technology-driven business environments as well as in consumer-oriented companies in general.

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