Essay mother teresa role model

Her childhood name was Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She took her primary education at a Government School of Yugoslavia. Mother Teresa had a beautiful heart.

Essay mother teresa role model

Read a review and see images of the exhibit: In the Rule of Saint Benedict, set forth in the 6th century, we see that St. Benedict makes provision for the life of diverse communities of men, or women, living under a single Rule. The members of the community live, work, and worship together, receiving guests, caring for the sick, educating the young, and practicing all the works necessary to maintain a well-rounded life of stability and culture on the land.

It is well known that throughout history the monastic orders were largely responsible for the preservation of the literature of the ancient world, and to them is also credited the agricultural restoration of Europe.

All of the elements necessary for the sustenance of the community were necessarily found within the resources of the monastery. Accordingly, the monks were also known for developing specialized arts such as wine and beer making, cheese making, and for many technological advances in fields such as architecture and engineering.

Today we might ask ourselves why are we drawn to the craftsmanship of the contemporary Monastics? In order to explore that question, we must again look into monastic life and traditions.

It is from this dynamic relationship between body and soul that the true drive for monastic crafts and artisanship arises. Craftsmen were indispensable to the life of the community. Their importance is underscored by the fact that St.

Benedict devoted a whole chapter of the Rule to them ch 57 and admonished them to remain humble despite their giftedness. If anyone could not remain humble, he or she would be removed from the work.

Essay mother teresa role model

In order to sustain the physical life of the community, the monastics were impelled to utilize the raw materials of the environment that were opened to them through their work in agriculture, and land restoration and reclamation. Leather was needed for shoes, wool for garments, skins used for vellum, stones for building, beeswax for candles and clay and metal for vessels.

The physical life of the community was the workshop in which the crafts were learned, practiced, and professionally perfected. But for the monks, there is also a deeper motivation. It is the monastic artists and craftsmen whose hands fashion a vital link between creation herself and our human religious longing to lift up or transform the elements of creation to assist us in our participation in the life of God on the earth.

In ch 31 of the Rule, Saint Benedict also reminds the cellarer, and by extension, all the monks, that all the tools of the monastery are to be treated as sacred vessels of the altar, and when we consider this in terms of the work of the craftsmen, we can see how organic this relationship is.

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But it is the rich liturgical life of the monastery that evokes the greatest creative fertility on the part of the craftsmen.

There is no lack of feastdays, ceremonies, and processions in any monastery. Leather needed now for not only shoes but for liturgical books, wool and flax for vestments and cowls, precious metals, ceramics and wax for the adornment of the altar and the celebration of the liturgy.

Stone and wood used for housing and stables is raised and shaped for churches and chapels and chapter rooms. It is this possibility of participation in the elevation of creation that attracts lay artists and craftsmen to collaborate with monastic craftsmen. And in fulfilling our mission to restore and elevate creation, we ourselves are also elevated.

Mother Telchilde Hinckley O. Mother Dolores Hart is celebrating her 80th birthday on October 20, To help her celebrate, a friend gave her a ride in his vintage car with Elvis licence plates right up to our New Horizons Building site.

We are very grateful to all of Mother Dolores' friends and fans who have followed her career and donated to our New Horizons Project in her honor!

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Happy Birthday Mother Dolores! This was the day our Foundress, Mother Benedict Duss, an American citizen and surgeon, was inspired to come to the United States to establish a Benedictine monastery in gratitude to the Allies who liberated France.

Sister John Mary Adshead, one of our community members in first vows, was born in New Zealand; her parents were English and she was educated in England. This year in May she decided to apply for US citizenship and her application is now in process, pending her interview later this year and passing her civics test.

Sister John Mary made a moving presentation of why she wanted to become an American at this particular time. This year we were again honored with the presence of a member of the American forces in WWII as well as veterans and their families.

For many years Jim has been a professional mentor to Sister John Mary in her work in the development of fragrances. For our celebration this year Jim composed a beautiful prayer which he recited before the raising of the American and Vatican flags.

Read more and see photographs from the Commemoration Ceremony. Clare, the Abbey celebrated the Monastic Investiture of postulant Lois Owen who was clothed in the monastic habit and received the name Sister Chiara.

Essay mother teresa role model

Father Iain Highet, Pastor of St. Louis de Monfort Parish, concelebrated. Lois' parents, siblings and their spouses, numerous nieces and nephews, and friends joined the monastic community for this momentous step in Lois' life. The joy and excitement of the children for their beloved aunt permeated the day-long celebration, during Mass, lunch at the Jubilee Barn, and the Investiture Ceremony.I am a stay at home mother of 4 sons, ages 15, 13, 6, and 4.

Our little one is a medically fragile child, which adds several titles to the list of things this momma does, but we would not change it for the world!

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Essay about Personal Narrative: My Role Model is Mother Teresa Words 3 Pages My role model is Mother Teresa, she is one of the most inspiring people in the world. Martin Luther King Jr. (January 15, – April 4, ) was an American Baptist minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson and leader in the civil rights movement from until his death in Born in Atlanta, King is best known for advancing civil rights through nonviolence and civil disobedience, tactics his Christian beliefs and the nonviolent activism of.

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