E commerce issues of security and privacy

Anyone can do business dimensions of e-commerce security. As individuals and businesses 1.

E commerce issues of security and privacy

Every five in eight companies are operating online, conducting e-commerce business.

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There are various legal issues associated with eCommerce businesses as well. And if these issues are not taken care of in time, they can lead to serious problems for your business.

E commerce issues of security and privacy

Described below are some of the common legal issues an e-commerce business faces. Incorporation Problem If you are a company operated merely via a website, not being incorporated is a crucial problem. Without incorporationyour business has no shelter. Trademark Security Problem Not getting your trademark protected is one of the main legal issues in the field of e-commerce.

This is very common legal issue and can become a deadly threat to your e-business.

E commerce issues of security and privacy

Copyright Protection Issue While publishing content for your e-commerce website, using content of any other company can be a severe legal problem. This might mark an end to your e-business. There are many sites online which are royalty free and allow you to access their content and images.

You may use those sites for creating web content for your business site. Even if you unintentionally used copyrighted content, the other party can easily sue your business. Therefore, if you do not abide by the rules, you can get into serious law violation problems. If your business fails to provide clear and complete description of the product, cost and purchase details, information about delivery i.

Privacy Issues When it comes to online businesses, privacy is the major issue that can create problems both for the business and customers. Consumers share information with businesses online and they expect the sellers to keep their information confidential.

If e-commerce businesses lead to exposure and advantages for businesses online, then it certainly has given rise to some legal issues too that can be avoided by keeping in mind the rules and laws framed by Australian Government.e-commerce has changed the way to doing business. Anyone can do business worldwide without having much physical infrastructure.

As individuals and businesses increase information sharing, vulnerability to attack or intrusion rises. Therefore. Second, the European Union Data Directive has provided an added incentive for e-commerce firms in the US to post privacy policies.

Article 25 of the Directive prohibits the transfer of personal data from the EU to certain countries lacking "adequate" privacy protection policies, such as the US. e-commerce, and data security.1 A special focus has been made on European develop- ments, in light of changes around a new proposed privacy framework (discussed in Part I(A)(1) and (2) below), and a new section on Asia-Pacific developments has been added.

E-commerce or e-business is a recent phenomenon that refers to different forms of business transacted over the Internet such as online buying and selling, online cataloguing, online customer service, e-learning, and e-supply chains. E-commerce security is the protection of e-commerce assets from unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction.

Here we mention to the 6 dimensions of e-commerce security. Because security issues in e-commerce threaten to derail a sunrise industry, developers, business owners, governments, payment processors, and users must participate in making the Internet more secure.

Common Legal Issues Faced By E-Commerce Businesses