Development of the plains

They were hunters and gatherers, meaning they did not live in one area long enough to grow plants or crops, but did trade with sedentary tribes that grew crops. The Kiowas migrated with the American bison because it was their main food source along with an abundant supply of antelope, deer, wild berries, wild fruit, turkeys and other wild game. Dogs dragged travois and rawhide parfleche that contained camping goods for short moves that were for long periods of time. With the introduction of the horse, the Kiowa revolutionized their economy and when they arrived on the Plains they were a fully mounted warrior nation.

Development of the plains

What was the problem with more homesteaders settling on the Great Plains? Their farms blocked the cattle trails What did the cattlemen begin to believe would benefit them, rather than driving cattle across the Plains? They believed that it would be easier to simply raise cattle on the Plains What job did John Iliff do when he was young?

He was a trader that sold food and goods to travelers on the Oregon and Californian trails When gold was discovered, what did Iliff do?

He moved further out to supply miners with the goods that they needed What was Iliff the first to do?

Development of the plains

Iliff was the first to graze cattle on the Plains, marking the beginning of ranching How did Iliff enlarge his herd? He bought Oliver Loving's cattle which were being driven to Colorado What did Iliff experiment with, and what was the result? He experimented with breeding, and produced a sweeter meat than the Texan longhorns Where Iliff's cattle more or less hardy than the longhorns?

Development of the plains

Less, but they did not need to survive the long cattle drives What contract did Iliff win? He won a contract to supply meat to the Union Pacific Railroad construction gangs What did Iliff use to transport his beef? Refrigerated rail cars What contract did Iliff win in ?

He won a contract to supply beef to Red Cloud and over Sioux Indians who had been moved by the Us government memorize.Custom software, ERP, NetSuite, & more.

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Business with WAPA. Learn more about how WAPA procures services, supplies and equipment. Learn business. Why was there so much conflict on the Plains? CONTENT: Little Crow's War () CONTENT: Reasons for Conflict on the Plains Ecological Reasons - There was intense competition between different tribes for resources on the Plains and the growing number of white settlers made this worse - By , there was competition for grassland and water.

travel was slow to get there, mining and cow towns came to quickly, lots of ethnic groups, ex-soldiers and individualism.

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