A literary analysis of sister of my heart

These cousins, Anju and Sudha, were born on the same day and lived together as sisters in a joint family consisting of the two girls and three mother figures.

A literary analysis of sister of my heart

Book one[ edit ] Princess in the Palace of Snakes follows two cousins from birth until their wedding day.

A literary analysis of sister of my heart

The sudden death of their fathers on a reckless hunt for rubies sends Anju and Sudha's mothers into premature labor, and the two girls are born twelve hours apart.

From a young age the girls become best friends, sisters, and each other's constant companion.

A literary analysis of sister of my heart

Anju and Sudha grow up in a household run by their three mothers: Pishi, Gouri, and Nalini. Even though Anju and Sudha call each other sisters, they are technically cousins. Pishi's youngest brother, Bijoy Chatterjee, married Gouri.

Anju is their daughter. So in addition to Pishi and Gouri, there is Nalini, Sudha's mother. The family relationships may seem complicated, but they play an important role in the novel.

Anju and Sudha are inseparable, but different. Beautiful and calm, Sudha is a storyteller and dreams of designing clothes and having a family. Anju has a fierce spirit and longs to study Literature in college.

The girls get caught skipping school and this event, along with a health scare in the family, suddenly changes plans for college to plans of marriage. Book one ends with Anju and Sudha getting married on the same day. Sudha will move in with her husband and in-laws who live in another part of India.

Anju's husband works in the United States, and she plans to join him after getting a visa. More than marriage has driven Anju and Sudha apart. Sudha has learned a dark secret about their family's past.

Shame and guilt over keeping this secret causes Sudha to pull away from Anju. But her love for her sister does not falter, and she even refuses to elope for fear it would damage Anju's reputation.

On the night of their double wedding, Anju becomes aware of her husband's attraction to Sudha. Anju does not blame Sudha, but it is with some relief the two young women begin to live separate lives. Book two[ edit ] In The Queen of Swords Sudha quickly learns the ways of her demanding and controlling mother-in-law.

After five long years, Sudha is elated to learn she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Anju's life in the United States has not entirely turned out as she expected. Anju and Sudha exchange regular letters and short phone calls, but their old intimacy is missing.

The friends discover they are pregnant at the same time and both seem finally happy. Sudha's mother-in-law finds out that Sudha's child is a girl. She demands Sudha abort the baby, believing the first child should be a son. Sudha has nowhere to turn, leaving her husband would be grounds to talk to each other again as true sisters.

Refusing to tie her life to another man and realizing Anju needs her, Sudha and her daughter decide to go to the United States. After many years, the sisters are reunited, but future obstacles still loom.

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Bijoy Chatterjee — Anju's father and Gouri's husband, Pishi's brother, welcomes Gopal into his family like a brother.

Often the events of the book parallel the happenings in these stories. Also mixed in with these stories, are Bengali myths and stories of the gods in the Hindu tradition. Marriage — Marriage is very important in Sister of My Heart. It is expected that all girls will marry.

Divorce is looked down on and widows are pitied. The house the girls grow up in is very unusual in that it is run by three women. The dynamics of joint families is explored, as it is traditional for women to join their husband's families.

There are set roles they must either accept or risk gaining a reputation.My eyes were often full of tears (I could not tell why) and at times a flood from my heart seemed to pour itself out into my bosom” ().

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He begins to look at her as a trophy or a prize. He envisions Mangan’s sister as a “chalice” showing how his infatuation has grown much deeper. Change in the book Sister of My Heart In Sister of My Heart, tradition and change in India clash when it comes to views on marriage.

Lets start with a quick background of Sister of My heart. The book starts out with two girls, Anju and Sudha, doing everything together.

Sister of My Heart - Wikipedia

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The title Sister of My Heart relates to the overall plot of the novel because the story is all about two "sisters", Anju and Sudha. Every time the title is mentioned in the story (3 times) Anju is our narrator and she is talking about Sudha.

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